Get ready for a tabletop cooking adventure!

Tabletop Cooking is for you if:

  • You want to host a fondue party, prepare a raclette meal, or barbeque like a pro
  • You want to try hot pot, or try cooking on an indoor grill
  • You’re not sure what to cook for your upcoming dinner party, and want to impress
  • You’re tired of spending hours prepping food which disappears in minutes
  • You’re just bored with what you cook week in and week out!

As The Tabletop Cook, I want to share my experiences with you. I’ve spent years living in, and travelling around, the whole world (including the US, Asia, Africa, and Europe) which means I’ve made countless memories sitting and cooking at the dinner table – along with my friends and family.

Cooking at the table means different things to different people: For some, it’ll mean fondue. For others? Raclette. Hot pot. Hot stones. Barbecue. The list is pretty much endless, but every culture has a rich culinary tradition of cooking on the table top and eating with friends.

There are so many reasons for being a tabletop cook for yourself. Cooking at a table is a cheap and easy way to cook a great family meal, or perhaps just a great opportunity to sit with friends, eating and drinking wine into the night. It’s also a fantastic date idea, or just a different way to spend an evening!

What it really boils down to though, is the primitive nature of cooking. Sitting around with your ‘tribe’ (be that friends or family) and cooking raw meat and vegetables around a fire…it doesn’t get much more primal than that! If you look at many culinary histories for tabletop cooking, you can find proof that the roots of the cooking trace back to the ancestors of the people. Contemporary Mongolian hot pot has roots in the simple fare of Mongolian nomads – who sat together and cooked their food in a communal pot.

Now while the Swiss perhaps didn’t learn how to share their food by observing these Mongolian tribesmen – this doesn’t mean that humans aren’t fundamentally hardwired to naturally and spontaneously eat together. It’s far better than eating alone, after all!

The Tabletop Cook is my place to share the food, the fun, and the friends that I’ve built throughout my years of cooking and eating around tabletops. It doesn’t matter whether this is barbecue in Korea, raclette in Switzerland, or hotpot in Africa. Every time I’ve sat around a table to cook, I have a story, and I want to pass this on to you – my readers.

So what more is there to do? Take a look around The Tabletop Cook, and start exploring. I have everything from grill recommendations and sauce recipes to restaurant recommendations and food pairings. It’s difficult to beat the communal feeling that comes with sitting and enjoying a good meal on a tabletop – so why try to replace it? Start your journey today.