Shrimp fondue with grits recipe

Shrimp in the fondue pot

When I saw this shrimp fondue recipe in Fondues and Hot Pots, I couldn't wait to try it because it seemed so unique. Chinese hot pot is usually eaten with rice or noodles, and broth or oil fondue can be served with fresh bread, but this is the first fondue recipe that I'd ever heard of being served with grits. 

In fact, grits are usually served for breakfast in parts of the U.S., not dinner. With barbecue sauce as a dipping sauce and smoked sausage as another ingredient, I felt like this was a uniquely American--and specifically Southern--broth fondue recipe. 

This is also a fancy variation of breakfast-for-dinner, and Americans love their "brinner". 

Nothing better than good friends and good food!

Thankfully, grits are gluten free because one of my guests had some special dietary considerations. But she did bring a salad with a homemade vinaigrette, so she is invited anytime! 

You'll have to use a metal fondue pot for this shrimp fondue recipe, either an electric pot or one heated by gas or gel burners. You can’t make this fondue in a ceramic fondue pot heated with a tealight as it won’t get hot enough to cook the ingredients. 

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Dipping sauce suggestions:

  • Barbecue sauce, homemade or store-bought
  • Curry dipping sauce

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Shrimp fondue dipping sauces

The dipping sauces, clockwise from the top left: plain yogurt with fresh herbs, curry dipping sauce, hot pepper jelly sauce, and apple raisin sauce

Shrimp fondue recipe with grits


  • quick-cooking grits, prepared according to package instructions
  • 5-6 cups chicken broth

Suggested dippers:

  • shrimp
  • smoked sausage
  • mushrooms
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower

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  1. Cook the grits according to the directions on the box. 
  2. Heat the chicken broth in the fondue pot. Place it on the table so all your guests can easily reach it.
  3. Chop and plate the dippers so everyone can reach them on the table. 

To serve:

  1. Prepare one bowl of grits per guest. Each person should top their grits with with butter, shredded cheddar cheese, and hot sauce to taste. 
  2. When the chicken broth is just shy of boiling, your guests can start adding the dippers with their fondue forks. Avoid adding too many cold, uncooked items at once as the temperature of the broth will decrease and it will take longer for everything to cook.
  3. The smoked sausage is already cooked and only needs to be thoroughly heated before being enjoyed. The broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms will soften as they cook, and should only need about 90 seconds in the hot broth to be ready to eat. The shrimp will cook very quickly and turn pink when it’s ready. You want to cook it all the way through, but avoid cooking it too long as overcooked shrimp becomes rubbery.
  4. Cooked pieces can be dipped in the sauce of your choice and eaten with the grits. 
  5. Repeat, until all the food is gone or you’re full, whichever comes first! 

We served this with fudgey chocolate fondue. It’s a quick and easy dessert. It’s so nice to have just a little something sweet after a big meal, don’t you think?

Shrimp and grits fondue setup

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