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Raclette Grill

You've just got your new raclette grill and you're excited about all the raclette recipes you can make for your next tabletop cooking get-together, but you don't know where to start. Here are some of the recipes we've tried and loved, and one little secret: as long as you have a raclette grill and a couple of ingredients--including your favorite melting cheese, of course--you don't need a recipe, just your imagination!

You’ll need cheese for any recipe that you can call raclette. Of course, raclette cheese is the first kind that comes to mind, but don't feel constrained. Camembert, mozzarella, emmentaler, gruyere, jarlsberg, and fresh (not aged) asiago all melt well and are delicious. My personal favorite cheese to melt on the raclette is actually fontina because it’s so soft and creamy.

Raclette cheeses

Besides the cheese, a traditional raclette dinner is made and served with boiled new potatoes, pickled gherkins, and pickled onions. Add a plate with some slices of prosciutto or other cured meats to add another dimension to the meal. 

If your raclette grill has a cooking surface, it’s time to fire it up and add some meat or vegetables, or both. Marinated chicken tenders, kebabs or skewers, shrimp, strips of beef or pork, or even meaty types of fish like salmon, tuna, or halibut can be cooked on your tabletop grill. We usually cook mushrooms, onions, and sweet peppers as well, either in the trays or on the grill. 

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Unique and wonderful raclette recipes

For a super special meal that everyone will indubitably love, try raclette pizza.

These raclette crepes recipes are our new favorite brunch, but of course, you can sweet or savory crepes any time of day. For the savoriest crepes of all, use your raclette grill to make Indian dosas, a crepe-like meal made from fermented batter. (Don't worry, you can use an instant mix!)

And for the most unique take on "pancakes", try the Japanese version: okonomiyaki. These thick, savory pancakes are made with shrimp and vegetables, topped with dried fish flakes and seaweed, and covered with a special sauce and sweet mayonnaise. 

You can even make fajitas with your raclette grill. It's super easy!

It's also easy to cook a raclette meal for vegetarians: just cook vegetables and don't cook meat! Asparagus does very well on the grill, as does yellow squash and zucchini. Parboiled root vegetables like turnips or carrots can be cooked on the grill, as can broccoli and cauliflower.

(And if you want a vegan meal, check out our hot stone cooking recipes!)

After you've finished your meal, you're still not done: We have recipes for dessert, too. Our favorite is grilled apples smothered with melted fontina cheese, with honey drizzled on top...”divine” hardly describes it! 

Raclette apples

Our favorite raclette recipes

Raclettte pizza

Raclette fajitas

Raclette crepes


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