Livart electric tabletop grill

Mr. Tabletop Cook makes a manly meal for himself on the Livart electric tabletop grill

Our Livart electric tabletop grill was one of the first tabletop-cooking appliances we purchased from Amazon when we started this website back in 2013. But when we moved to Taiwan, we left it and our other tabletop-cooking gadgets at home. It's been a bummer because it's been nearly impossible to find a raclette grill or a real Western-style fondue pot here, but we had no trouble replacing our little orange grill with the exact same model.

The Livart electric tabletop grill is perfect for indoor grilling. You just plug it in and turn it on. It's a simple device, so there's no temperature knob to adjust. You have to fill the reservoir in the bottom with water first. All the fat drips in there while your food is cooking so clean-up is really easy.

Make sure you give yourself about 15 minutes to allow the grill to preheat. This means turning it on when your guests arrive, or as you're wrapping up your dinner preparations. Don't wait until everyone is sitting down to turn it on or you'll be stuck gazing at each other across a table full of uncooked food for 15 minutes.

But once this grill gets going, there's no stopping it. We've used it inside and out, with an extension cord running from the kitchen to the back patio (make sure the path is safe for kids, pets, and the distracted). We've made Korean beef bulgogi, Moroccan beef brochettes, Thai chicken skewers, Vietnamese grilled pork, and grilled bananas on our little grill. If you're cooking for a long time, just be sure to add some more water as it evaporates from the pan in the bottom. When it comes time to clean up, you just toss the dirty water down the drain and give the tray a quick wash. It's never been a problem. 

I love this YouTube advertisement for this tabletop grill. It's in Korean. It's very intense. You feel like you're buying an indoor electric grill that could defeat the Death Star. At 1:12, you see a lone dude eating right off the grill, illustrating how perfect it is for solo dining. But we've fed ourselves and a family of four with this grill and nobody complained about it taking too long. 

Mr. Tabletop Cook used the grill to cook up a bunch of corn and sausages for his own dinner one night when he got home late. You can even set up this tabletop grill right on the coffee table and grill and eat while watching a movie or a football game. 

Mr. Tabletop Cook straight tabletop grillin'

If you're observant and you've checked out a number of our tabletop grilling recipes, you might have noticed that our grill in the US said Livart, but the one we're using here says Heum. They look exactly the same, and in the Korean YouTube commercial above, it says Heum in the top corner, but the video was posted by ShopLivart. So there's a connection, but I haven't been able to suss it out on Google.

Making Thai chicken skewers on our HEUM grill in Taiwan

Livart Electric Tabletop Grills



Lastly, I'd like to mention that you can supposedly even do a hot pot on this grill. The only reason we haven't done so yet is because the pot we bought was too big for the grill. It rested on top of the sides and was too far from the heating element to get hot enough to cook the meat. I'm still looking forward to trying it with a smaller pot, though we might find that we have to cook it up on the stove first. In the meantime, we use our electric pot for hot pot.

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