Dessert Fondue

Some like it warm and sweet

The Tabletop Cook's White Russian Fondue (recipe links below)

Dessert fondue is more than just chocolate, milk or dark, though you can easily make a dozen variations of chocolate fondue: add some peanut butter, use Nutella in the mix, melt down some Tolblerone bars, make it a white chocolate fondue, use rum instead of kirsch or brandy, add some coffee, stir in some fruit coulis, add coconut, add mint, add marshmallow creme, add cinnamon, grind up almond praline and stir it in...

The Tabletop Cook's Mint Chocolate Fondue (recipe links below)

Here's a recipe for mocha fondue. All you have to do is add some instant coffee to get that rich coffee flavor that goes so well with cookies, strawberries, you name it. 

You can probably make this fudge chocolate fondue without even making a special trip to the grocery store. All you need is butter, cocoa powder, half and half, and vanilla extract. 

This dark chocolate fondue recipe is incredibly simple and with just three ingredients, surprisingly delicious. Serve it with strawberries and biscotti.

I made mint chocolate fondue with the Andes mint thins that I got in my Christmas stocking. It was so easy and super delicious. 

Want to try something different? Our whiskey chocolate fondue was a big hit with ladies and gentlemen alike. We even fried up some bacon and dipped it in there. You don't even know what you're missing!

Our Mother's Day white chocolate fondue

There are dozens more ways beyond chocolate to prepare fondue for dessert: Caramel fondue, eggnog fondue, fruit fondue, green tea fondue, fruit-and-cheese fondue, butterscotch fondue, hot-buttered rum fondue, french toast fondue (maybe you can slide that one in for breakfast without anyone noticing), pumpkin pie fondue...

Our lemon cheesecake fondue is sweet and tart. It's an excellent summer dessert paired with fresh berries and cookies.

Considering making our White Russian fondue for your next night in. This one's not for the kids, but you won't want to share, anyway!

We've even experimented with Sriracha chocolate fondue. I liked it, but it's not for everyone. 

Here are some things you might need to make and serve dessert fondue:

Visit The Tabletop Tool Shop or The Tabletop Food Shop for everything and anything you might need. 

A few of our favorite dessert fondue dippers with our Lemon Cheesecake Fondue (recipe link above)

And not only do you have countless options for delicious desserts, but you can make every experience unique by pairing any fondue with different dippers. (And, ahem, wines.) 

...I have to stop before I drool on the keyboard. I'm just gonna go, quickly, and make an easy chocolate fondue...

dessert fondue

Aaand I'm back, with some tips for serving dessert fondue:

  • Unlike cheese fondues, broth fondues, or oil fondues, fondues for dessert are usually prepared on the stove and then transferred to a fondue pot.
  • Use a ceramic fondue pot warmed by a tealight to heat and serve a dessert fondue. With so much sugar, they are prone to scalding. A burnt fondue will not only taste foul, but it will be nearly impossible to clean from the pot.
  • Fondues are always very popular with the kids, but make sure young and old alike are cautious when eating hot, sugary foods. You don't want any burnt tongues at your dinner party!
  • Leftovers (as if!) can be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days or so. Reheat the fondue in a ceramic dish in the microwave on low heat in short increments of twenty seconds, stirring each time, until its warm enough for you. 
  • Consider using leftover fondue as a topping for ice cream or crepes

Here are some of our favorite dessert fondue recipes:

Whiskey chocolate fondue

White Russian fondue

Matcha green tea and white chocolate fondue

Lemon cheesecake fondue

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