Instant fondue

How we discovered instant fondue…

There was a night not long ago when I didn’t have anything planned for dinner, and I didn’t feel much like cooking. Thankfully, my husband came to the rescue when he called me from the grocery store to ask me if I needed anything.


I had noticed a box of “instant fondue” by the cheese section so I asked him to grab a box while I put the bottle of sparkling apple cider that wouldn’t go away in the fridge.

I was pretty sure the fondue would be good because it was actually called “Fondue from Switzerland.” The ingredients were only “Switzerland Swiss cheese,” white wine, water, potato starch, Kirsch brandy, salt, sodium phosphate, and spices. I don’t have sodium phosphate in my kitchen, but it’s an emulsifier that keeps the fondue from separating, so I’ll allow it. I was happy that it was made with Kirsch since I can’t find Kirsch at liquor stores in Virginia and I’ve had to either leave it out or use white wine.

This was easy to make, as the name implies. We cut up some veggies and parboiled them real quick, cut some apples, and plated them all with a handful of pretzel rods. All we had to do to make the fondue was heat it up in our double boiler and pour it into our ceramic pot, but if you wanted to make it in a metal fondue pot or an electric fondue pot, all you’d have to do is heat it up right in the pot.

We were both really impressed by the taste and the creamy texture of this fondue. I didn’t expect much for a $10 box of cheese, but the buttery flavor of the Swiss cheese and the sharp bite of the Kirsch were obvious and enjoyable. On the box, it was also suggested that you could mix it up by adding curry powder or tomato paste to the fondue. Why not? We would definitely have this again.

We ate at our coffee table while watching a movie, so it was a perfect lazy-Tuesday-date-night meal.