White chocolate fondue

Try this white chocolate fondue recipe for
an easy and elegant dessert

Chocolate fondue is naturally decadent and delicious, but white chocolate fondue really takes the fancy up a notch. However, if you’re like me, white chocolate by itself can be a touch too sweet. For that reason, I like this recipe inspired by Susan Fuller Slack’s Fondues and Hot Pots because it calls for mild-flavored mascarpone cheese to temper the sweetness of the white chocolate. 

Note that the Godiva liqueur in this recipe darkens the chocolate a shade, so it looks more golden caramel in color than white. Omit the dark liqueur if you want to preserve the color of the chocolate.

If you’re going to make this white chocolate fondue recipe, splurge on the best white chocolate you can afford. The cheap stuff is more sugar and additives than tasty cocoa butter. I used three large Ghirardelli white chocolate baking bars from the grocery store and it was delicious.

I used a double-boiler to heat the cream and melt the chocolate because I worry about scorching it, but if you keep the heat low, you should be able to prepare this fondue right in a saucepan before transferring it to your fondue pot. 

Use a ceramic fondue pot heated with a tealight to serve chocolate fondues like this one. A metal fondue pot heated by a burner or an electric fondue pot will likely get too hot too fast, scorching and ruining your dessert. Once you feel like you and your guests have had your fill, make sure you blow out the tea light or there is the chocolate might burn and form a cement-like layer on the bottom. (This is the voice of experience speaking.) 

White chocolate fondue recipe


  • 1/2 cup whipping cream
  • 12 oz of white chocolate, crumbled into small pieces
  • 2/3 cup mascarpone cheese
  • 2 tbsp Godiva liqueur, Kahlua, or equivalent 
  • 1-2 tbsp brandy or cognac

Suggestions for white chocolate fondue dippers:

  • biscotti pieces
  • pretzels
  • cold pound cake cubes
  • frozen cheesecake cubes
  • strawberries
  • dried apricots

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  1. Measure the mascarpone into a bowl and stir it. Let it rest at room temperature for up to an hour or so. The warmer it is, the easier it will melt into the chocolate. 
  2. Heat the whipping cream in a double boiler over medium heat until hot but not boiling. 
  3. Remove the pot with the cream from the burner and pour in the white chocolate crumbles. Give the white chocolate about five minutes to completely melt, and stir.
  4. Put the white chocolate and cream mixture back on the burner at low heat. Stir in the liqueur and brandy. Stir in the room-temperature mascarpone to the fondue in thirds. 
  5. When the fondue is warmed through, pour it into a ceramic fondue pot and warm it with a tealight. Make sure to extinguish the flame when you’re finished eating or the remaining chocolate will be scorched and the pot will be hard to clean. 

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