Share your tabletop cooking ideas, recipes, and stories with everyone!

Do you love tabletop cooking as much as we do here? Do you have new ideas for how to use our fondues pots, raclette grills, and hot pots? Did you try a new recipe you can’t wait to tell everyone else about? 

Whether you're an aspiring Tabletop Cook or a well-seasoned chef, we want to hear what made your meal so memorable! If you love a new recipe or product you've tried, you hosted an awesome dinner party or kid’s birthday, or you just had a magical night cooking your own dinner at a restaurant, tell us your story.

You don't need to be a blogger or a professional writer: all you need is the desire to share a recipe, an idea, a restaurant review, or a product review and a few pictures of you and your friends making a memorable meal. (But if you do write for a living or you have a blog or website, let us know so we can link back to your site!)

Here are a few things you should know about writing for The Tabletop Cook:

  • All posts should be about tabletop cooking experiences. No general food or recipe posts, please. This is a good opportunity to try making your favorite dish on the tabletop!
  • Your post should be between 350-700 words. 
  • Write about a recipe you tried, a restaurant you visited, a product you used, a special occasion, or anything else that would inspire and instruct other cooks who do it on the table.
  • Don't forget to provide a link to your personal website or blog so we can link back to you!
  • Try to include at least one photograph (it helps make your story more engaging) but no more than four (with reasonable file sizes). Write captions for your pictures and make sure you have permission to share/use them.
  • Don't forget to include your name and email so I can get back to you if I have any questions.
  • Here's what I won’t publish: No affiliate or commercial links please, no religion, no thinly disguised advertorials, no stories that have been published elsewhere, and no sales pitches for products or businesses.

I’m looking forward to publishing your experience, but help me out by following the guidelines. If your piece doesn't appear soon after you submit it, chances are I’m having trouble fitting it into the requirements. I want to be able to share your experiences, so I will attempt to contact you with any questions or issues to resolve.

If you have any questions about the availability of certain subjects, or for help in choosing your topic,  please contact me through the site. I can also be reached at KeiliGunden(at)g m a i l(.)c o m or @TheTabletopCook.

So please, read the above carefully--and picture what you want to share. The rest of us can't wait to read about your experience! 


Keili, The Tabletop Cook

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