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Recipes for Saint Patricks Day, The 10 Best

We have the 10 Best Recipes for Saint Patricks Day. St Patrick's Day falls on a Friday this year and The Tabletop Cook has lined up ten sweet and cheesy recipes for St. Patrick's Day, just for you.

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Chicken Kebab Recipe

A Malaysian chicken kebab recipe made with ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard!

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Thai Hot Pot

You really should try Thai hot pot, or Jim Jum hot pot. It's clay-pot cooking at its most fun!

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Ginger Duck

Ginger duck hot pot is a unique and popular meal in Taiwan. Here is our experience with one of our favorite cold-weather meals, ginger duck soup.

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Pizza Hot Pot

Pizza hot pot is the best description for this meal, but it also resembles a pizza soup, pizza fondue or even a crockpot pizza if done in a slowcooker.

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Livart Electric Tabletop Grill

One of our first and still one of our favorite tabletop-cooking appliances is our Livart electric tabletop grill. We've used it for pork, beef, chicken, tofu, etc. inside and outside the house.

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Grilled Bananas

Everybody's making grilled bananas and topping them with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and rum. You can make them yourself right on your tabletop grill.

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Smoked Duck Okonomiyaki

This smoked duck okonomiyaki recipe is a super easy crowd-pleaser. It’s so much fun to prepare this dish with friends from beginning to end.

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Okonomiyaki Recipe Ideas

We remade our favorite okonomiyaki recipe with potatoes and pancake batter, kimchi and cheese. It's Japanese pancakes gone wild and it's what's for dinner on the raclette grill.

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Thai Chicken Skewers Recipe

This Thai chicken skewers recipe with Thai coconut-peanut satay dipping sauce can be on the tabletop grill in less than an hour. Invite everyone over for a meal you can cook on your coffee table!

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Beef Brochettes

Whether you call them beef brochettes, beef kebabs, or steak skewers, this a recipe for happiness on the tabletop grill. Try it next time you're sharing a meal with friends and family.

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White Queso Dip Fondue Recipe

Get cheesy with this smooth and creamy queso dip recipe. It's a fun and delicious Tex-Mex twist on conventional cheese fondue.

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Japanese Tempura Recipe

This is the Japanese tempura recipe you’re looking. This tempura batter recipe will give you a light and crispy crust on your shrimp, chicken, etc. for a meal your friends and family will love.

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Caramel Fondue Recipe

A fun and easy alternative to conventional chocolate fondues, this caramel fondue recipe will bring friends and family to the table to stay for dessert.

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Whiskey Chocolate Fondue

What would you dip in your sweet and creamy whiskey chocolate fondue? We ate ours with crispy bacon, apples, marshmallows and cookies. Use this easy chocolate fondue recipe to try it yourself.

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