10 Best Recipes for Saint Patricks Day

This list of recipes for Saint Patricks Day goes way beyond those shamrock sugar cookies with green sprinkles, which you should have 1 or 2 of also. Mix and match cheese fondues and chocolate fondues for a multi-course meal that will keep everyone together at the table the whole night long. 

St Patricks Day Treats - Beer Cheese Fondue

1. Our Beer Cheese Fondue has been one of our most popular recipes since we posted it lo' these many years ago. It's beer and cheese--what's not to love? Use a Guiness to get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit. 

St Patricks Day Appetizers - Whiskey Cheese Fondue

2. Willing to take your booze-and-cheese game up a notch? Then try The Tabletop Cook's Whiskey Cheese Fondue. It's hard and soft in all the right places. (Bonus: Here's the recipe for our Whiskey Chocolate Fondue.)

3. Country Cleaver has a lovely and easy recipe for an Irish Cream Chocolate Fondue. It's the perfect combination of super simple and very impressive. Pull that pound cake out of the freezer now!

St Patricks Day Treats - Matcha Green Tea Fondue

4. The matcha tea powder in this Matcha Green Tea Fondue gives it a festive green color that everyone will appreciate. Once they get a taste of that sweet white chocolate, they'll keep on appreciating it until the bowl is clean. 

Recipes for Saint Patricks Day - Mint Chocolate Fondue

5. The Tabletop Cook's Mint Chocolate Fondue isn't green, but it's minty, and mint is green, so that counts. And anyway, nobody has ever complained when there's a pot of warm mint chocolate on the table to distract them from everything wrong in the world. 

Recipes for Saint Patricks Day - Hot Pot

7. If you're looking for something heartier, serve a conventional broth fondue or hot put, but for the dippers, stick to traditional St. Patrick's Day favorites like potatoes, cabbage, ham, Irish bangers, or even corned beef. You have a lot of latitude to do what you like with this dish!

On to the rest of the recipes for saint patricks day

8. The lovely and talented ladies of The Merrythought have an Irish Beer Cheese Fondue that calls for actual Irish cheddar. Sláinte mhaith and you're welcome! 

Recipes for Saint Patricks Day - Raclette

9. One word: Raclette. Wrong country, I know, but hear me out. If you like cheese, you will love raclette. And so will your friends. Cook some sausages or potatoes up top, melt some Irish cheddar in the trays below, and see if everyone isn't totally jealous when they see your Instagram pics. 

10. Picture this: you and just a friend or two, staying in cause it's too cold and crowded to be out tonight, but you got your tabletop grill going on the coffee table, and your grilling up Irish sausages and watching whatever it is you watch when Game of Thrones isn't on. Grill up some potato wedges, while you're at it, cause you need your veggies.

+1: Don't put away that raclette grill just yet! Not until you've tried this very cool savory rye crepes/galettes stuffed with corned beef from Megan at Delicious Dishings. (Posted before she left us--come back, Megan!) Use Megan's recipe, but take a gander at The Tabletop Cook's raclette crepes page for an idea of how to put together a little tabletop-cooking shinding.

Items used make many of these recipes for Saint Patricks Day

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Top 10 Recipes for Saint Partrick's Day!

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