Pizza Hot Pot

We were inspired to make this fun version of pizza hot pot after we went for Korean hot pot with friends and they gave us a plate of delicious, melty cheese to put into the broth.

This hot pot recipe takes its inspiration from cheesy tomato soup and even French onion soup bubbling under a layer of broiled gruyere. And unlike a conventional hot pot meal that usually ends with noodles or rice cake cooked in the flavorful broth, we finished ours with chunks of French bread and baguettes like a conventional cheese fondue. But like a hot pot, you can also enjoy drinking bowls of the pizza hot pot base as a soup while you're cooking.

A pizza hot pot meal

We researched a number of pizza soup recipes to come up with this recipe. We ended up using jarred pizza sauce, chicken broth, and canned tomatoes to make the hot pot base. It was incredibly simple. This would be a perfect meal for kids who are old enough to be careful around a hot pot on a gas burner or plugged into a wall.

The pizza "soup"

You can obviously adjust the ingredients as much as you like, but keep a few things in mind: You want a thinner soup for the hot pot base and you don't want it to be too salty. The soup will reduce as it's cooking if you don't add a lot more water or broth as you're eating. It will also pick up a lot of flavors as you're cooking at the table and it will quickly get too salty if start off with a very salty, savory broth.

In your electric hot pot, heat the pizza hot pot base ingredients: the pizza sauce, broth, and canned tomatoes. Add Italian herbs to taste. Avoid making the broth too salty or flavorful at this point.

Tomato soup, chicken broth, and some Italian seasonings might also make a good pizza hot pot soup base. You could also substitute spaghetti sauce for pizza sauce in this recipe.

It's almost like a pizza fondue

We added some cheese in the beginning and smalls handfuls throughout the meal. You'll want to be a little more careful with the heat than usual: this is a little bit like a fondue and the cheese can get stringy and oily if it's too hot. Also, too much cheese will start to stick to the bottom of the pot and burn, which we found out the hard way!

Bread to dip in the pizza "fondue"

What you might need for this recipe:

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Pizza hot pot recipe

Serves 4-6, depending on how many hot pot ingredients you add

Ingredients for hot pot pizza soup base:
1 14-oz jar of pizza sauce (or spaghetti sauce)
2 14-oz cans of low/no-sodium chicken broth, pork broth, or mushroom broth
1 large can of diced tomatoes
1 8-oz bag of shredded mozzarella cheese or pizza-blend cheese
Optional: Italian spices blend

Hot pot ingredients:
Just add your favorite pizza toppings to cook or dip
Smoked sausage
Chicken, cooked and cubed
Pineapple cubes
Ham, cubed

For dipping
Baguette, sliced into rounds
Garlic bread, cut into dippable pieces


Prep your hot pot ingredients and set them up on the table where you'll be eating.

In your electric hot pot, heat the pizza hot pot base ingredients: the pizza sauce, broth, and canned tomatoes. Add Italian herbs to taste. Avoid making the broth too salty or flavorful at this point.

When the hot pot soup is hot all the way through, add some of your ingredients into the pot. You can do it hot-pot style and add a handful of your favorite ingredients at a time, or you can do it fondue style and add ingredients by the fondue-forkful. Toss in some cheese every couple of minutes. Twirl your broccoli through it or scoop it up with some of your bread.

Add some hot water to the pot if the soup is reducing too quickly. Keep your eye on it to make sure the cheese isn't burning to the sides or the bottom. Use a ladle to scoop out bowls of cheesy pizza soup as you go along. 

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