Caramel Fondue Recipe

A ginger cookie gets the treatment in our caramel fondue recipe.

I avoided making this or any caramel rum fondue recipe for a long time because I assumed it would be too sweet to be enjoyable. It turns out I was wrong, and I love being proved wrong about food I thought wouldn't be delicious.

For me, the rum is vital. The rum in this caramel fondue recipe adds a grown-up bite to what it otherwise a bowl of melted candies (made of caramelized sugar). With a little bit more patience than I have, you can make your own caramel base with sugar and water. 

Or you can literally heat up some caramel sauce in your fondue pot and call it a day. I'm not the boss of you. 

Melting store-bought caramel candies is no big deal, though. I bought mine in bulk from the grocery store, but they were individually wrapped and had to be unwrapped, so you might want to explore your options.

I suggest using a double boiler like we did because it ensures that the candies melt evenly. It's also very easy to clean, providing you clean it, or soak it, as soon as you're done and don't wait until the next morning when it's all a nasty, sticky mess. 

Sliced apples–red, green, pink, or yellow–couldn't be more delicious dipped in caramel fondue. And if you're an extra nice person, you might even have some crushed nuts available for your guests, so they can dip their apples in nuts after they've dipped them in caramel. That's basically how you make friends. 

Unless your friends have allergies. Then you should be careful. Ask first. 

I also really liked dipping ginger cookies in the caramel fondue. The sharp ginger went well with the sweet caramel. I'd be totally willing to sacrifice myself for you and experiment by using some of this caramel fondue as a syrup on my next bowl of ginger ice cream.

Like sea salt-caramel ice cream? Sea salt-caramel lattes? Add a little bit of sea salt to this recipe for a delicious sea salt-caramel fondue

What you might need for this recipe:

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Caramel fondue recipe


  • 16 oz soft caramel candies 
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla 
  • 1/4 cup dark rum 
  • Optional: add some sea salt to your taste 
  • Optional: add some sprinkles before serving 

Suggested dippers: 

  • green apple wedges
  • red apple wedges
  • all the apple wedges
  • bananas, cut into big slices (juuuuuust ripe bananas less likely to slide off your fondue fork than very ripe bananas)
  • angel food cake. cubed
  • pound cake, cubed
  • ginger cookies, cubed 
  • biscotti 
  • dried fruit, like apricots, mangos, or pineapples 
  • pecans

Look over our list of dessert fondue dippers for more inspiration! 


1. In a double boiler, melt the caramels, cream, and vanilla. 

2. When it's all hot and creamy, pull it off the heat and add the rum. Add a splash more if you're feeling naughty. 


We served this caramel rum fondue in our adorable little ceramic fondue pot heated by a tealight. I added some sprinkles to the top mostly because we had to take pictures of our caramel fondue recipe for the website, but you can just dig right in. 

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