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Fondue Ideas
Do you fondue? You should! The only important question is do you want cheese, chocolate, or a main course? Here are great fondue ideas to help you dec

Fondue Pots
What kind of fondue pots can you use for chocolate fondue? Is an electric pot better than a stainless steel pot? Find out what you need to buy and use

Cheese Fondue
If you dream of dipping bread, crunchy vegetables, and pre-cooked meats in melted cheese with all your friends, then cheese fondue is your dream come

Broth Fondue
Healthy, delicious, and endlessly versatile, broth fondue is the perfect dish to serve for your next sit-down meal with the family or even your next d

Fondue Bourguignonne
Call up your favorite people, grab a few bottles of your favorite wine, and get ready to fry your favorite foods like you're French. It’s a fondue bou

Fondue dipping sauces
Fondue is fun because you and your friends get to cook together, but what makes each bite unique and delicious are dipping sauces. Check out The Table

Dessert Fondue
We’re always happy when we can have fondue for dinner, but even happier when we can have dessert fondue. Get your dippers ready for chocolate, caramel

Tabletop grills
Get back to your early human roots by grilling your dinner on hot tabletop grills. Invite your friends and family to enjoy an unforgettable meal.

You say yakiniku, they say yakitori, she says Japanese barbecue, but we all say, “Please sir, may I have some more?” Get inspired, get some friends, a

Korean barbecue
If you love eating delicious Korean barbecue dishes like bulgogi, galbi, and samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly), you’ll be happy to know it’s easy to ma

Raclette Dinner
Traditional Swiss raclette is as delicious and as easy to prepare as fondue. To make a traditional raclette dinner, you’ll need a raclette grill, racl

Raclette recipes
We’ve got the raclette recipes you need to get your tabletop cooking party started: vegetables, poultry, pork, seafood, vegetarian meals--you name it,

raclette grill
A raclette grill can be used for making anything from raclette to personal pizzas, crepes, or Japanese “pancakes."

Hot Pot
There’s nothing like a boiling vat of hot pot to bring friends and family together. Mix and match broths and ingredients to create your favorite Chine

Tabletop cooking ideas
Whether you’re new to tabletop cooking or a well-seasoned chef, we want to hear what made your meal so memorable! Share your recipe or tell us your st

About tabletop cooking
Keili Rae Gunden is The Tabletop Cook at the is the only website dedicated to providing tips, techniques, and recipes all about tabletop cooking.

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Japanese Tempura Recipe
This is the Japanese tempura recipe you’re looking. This tempura batter recipe will give you a light and crispy crust on your shrimp, chicken, etc. fo

Dessert Tempura
This dessert tempura recipe combines Japanese tempura batter with American ingenuity and the fun of tabletop cooking. It’s DIY deep-fried Oreos, choco

Easy Chocolate Fondue Recipe
This easy chocolate fondue recipe will have your friends and family so excited, you won't want to tell them it only took you ten minutes to make with

Chocolate fondue dippers
The best chocolate fondue dippers taste delicious in chocolate and can be speared with a fondue fork or dipped in the pot by hand. Here's a chocolate

Caramel Fondue Recipe
A fun and easy alternative to conventional chocolate fondues, this caramel fondue recipe will bring friends and family to the table to stay for desser

White Russian Fondue
Bailey’s Irish Cream, vodka, sweet white chocolate and velvety mascarpone cheese combine to make a unique dessert fondue in this White Russian Fondue

Whiskey Chocolate Fondue
What would you dip in your sweet and creamy whiskey chocolate fondue? We ate ours with crispy bacon, apples, marshmallows and cookies. Use this easy c

Whiskey Cheese Fondue
Silky smooth and savory cheddar cheese and gruyère are the heart of this whiskey cheese fondue. This is a great recipe for fondue parties for all seas

Beer cheese fondue recipe
Cheddar cheese is good. Beer is good. Beer cheese fondue is divine. This is just the beer cheese fondue recipe you need for your next dinner party, Su

Dark Chocolate Fondue Recipe
This decadent dark chocolate fondue recipe is easy to prepare at home with dark chocolate chips and cream. If you like, add a little brandy for an ext

Cheese Fondue Dippers
We have lots of idea for cheese fondue dippers: conventional, unique, or a little bit scary. Make this your shopping list next time you're having a fo

Vegan Cheese Fondue
Want to make a meal that everyone will enjoy? Want to try a lighter alternative to rich cheese fondue? Try this vegan cheese fondue that all your frie

Vegan Meatballs
We made these vegan meatballs with lentils and mushrooms as a dipper for our vegan cheese fondue. They were a bit hit with all our guests. Try this re

Turn your raclette grill into a dosa grill when you make these savory, spicy “Indian crepes” for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Raclette crepes recipes
There are countless raclette grill recipes you can make at home. We used our grill to prepare these raclette crepes recipes for brunch and found a new

Raclette Pizza
Making raclette pizza is even easier than making a pizza in the oven. All you have to do is heat up the raclette grill, set out your ingredients, to e

Swissmar Raclette Grill
We love our pretty red Swissmar raclette grill! The Swissmar 8-person raclette is awesome for cooking with friends and family at the table, and it has

Raclette fajitas
That hot iron plate with a pile of sizzling meat looks magical coming toward you. You and your friends can make your own sizzling raclette fajitas at

Okonomiyaki recipe for the raclette grill
Whether you want an easy okonomiyaki recipe or you want to try something different on your raclette grill, this is the awesome new recipe you’re looki

Recreate your favorite Japanese teppanyaki restaurant experience on a raclette grill. All you need is meat or tofu, vegetables, and as many friends as

Teriyaki sauce recipe
Salty, sweet, and tangy teriyaki sauce has long been everybody’s favorite Japanese condiment. Making your own teriyaki sauce recipe is easier than you

Yakitori grills
Have fun preparing your favorite Japanese barbecued foods like yakitori, yakiniku, and teriyaki chicken on your tabletop yakitori grill.

Beef yakiniku recipes
If beef is what for dinner, fire up the tabletop grill and make it Japanese beef yakiniku. Here are recipes for thin strips of beef marinated, grilled

Konro grill
Got a tabletop grill to make Japanese barbecue, like yakiniku or yakitori? Read this page to learn the difference between a konro and shichirin and ti

Bulgogi Banh Mi
Here’s your bulgogi recipe to make delicious Korean-barbecue beef at home on your tabletop grill. Serve it with slices of crusty French bread to make

Taiwanese hot pot at home
I’ve loved Taiwanese hot pot from the first bite. Ten years later, it’s everything to me from a comfort food to a party in a pot. Here’s my favorite

shacha sauce
Shacha sauce is the most important ingredient in happiness...I mean, hot pot. They’re basically the same thing. Learn how to make a tasting dipping sa

Chinese hot pot recipe
Learn everything you need to know to make delicious Chinese hot pot at home. There’s no hot pot recipe to follow, just use what you want or what you a

Fondue chinoise
Fondue chinoise is not necessarily chinese fondue, comprenez-vous? Unless you make a Chinese fondue chinoise... Learn more here, and try out this awes

Tom Yum Hot Pot
Try this spicy twist on traditional hot pot–or this unique, fun way to enjoy Thai tom yum soup. This tom yum hot pot recipe is one of our new favorite

Japanese Hot Pot
Prepare for a relaxing meal with friends and family by following this guide to making Japanese hot pot, or shabu shabu, at home.

Shrimp fondue with grits recipe
Breakfast for dinner anyone? What about a shrimp fondue with creamy grits and tangy barbecue sauce? You know you want it. Check out The Tabletop Cook’

vietnamese grilled pork
Make your own Vietnamese grilled pork at home on your tabletop grill with this grilled pork recipe from The Tabletop Cook. Serve with rice noodles or

Bulgogi is thin slices of marinated and grilled beef. It’s a crowd pleaser! Learn how to make this delicious meal at home, the same way it’s made in K

Thai barbecue
Learn what you need to make Thai barbecue at home, including the recipe for the sweet, salty, and sour Thai dipping sauce that will take your grilled

Smoked Duck Okonomiyaki
This smoked duck okonomiyaki recipe is a super easy crowd-pleaser. It’s so much fun to prepare this dish with friends from beginning to end.

Potato masala recipe
I made this delicious potato masala recipe as a filling for our raclette dosas. Check out The Tabletop Cook for more tabletop cooking ideas and recipe

Sambar Recipe
This easy sambar recipe makes the perfect accompaniment for your raclette dosas. Check out The Tabletop Cook for more tabletop cooking recipes and ide

Matcha green tea fondue
Combine the delicate flavors of matcha green tea with silky, sweet white chocolate fondue for a unique and memorable dessert fondue. Get the matcha gr

White Chocolate Fondue Recipe
If you're making a dessert fondue, why not surprise your guests with a white chocolate fondue? The sweetness of the chocolate is muted by mascarpone c

Sriracha chocolate fondue
Spice things up with your sweetie with this Sriracha chocolate fondue recipe. A little bit of everybody's favorite rooster sauce makes things interest

Mint chocolate fondue
This mint chocolate fondue adds a fun twist to our easy chocolate fondue recipe. It's a great dessert fondue to share with friends and family any day

instant fondue
There’s no easier cheese fondue than instant fondue. We found a brand we liked and had an elegant meal on a lazy night in.

Mocha Fondue Recipe
A pot of melted chocolate, with a hint of coffee...these are a few of my favorite things. This mocha fondue recipe is as easy as melt, stir, and serve

Taiwanese hot pot
Learn more about the many ways a hot pot meal is prepared and served in Taiwanese hot pot restaurants. Get ideas for your next hot pot meal at home!

Raclette cheese
Raclette cheese is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland. It melts really well and is delicious poured over boiled new potatoes.

You love pancakes, but nobody wants to watch you eat pancakes like finger food. Light up the portable gas grill and make yourself some sweet-filled eb

Warm and sweet Smores are great fun at the campfire, but just as easy to make in your living room. Fire up the mini hibachi and start melting those ma

Fudge chocolate fondue recipe
This fudge chocolate fondue recipe is an easy chocolate fondue recipe that you could probably make without making a special trip to the grocery store.

Lemon Cheesecake Fondue
Craving cheesecake but don't want the hassle of putting one together? Try our lemon cheesecake fondue recipe for a dessert fondue that's easier than p

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